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International Point of Sale
The lowest prices on every POS hardware product. If you're looking for a barcode scanner, receipt printer, pole display, cash drawer, card reader, or anything else, give us a call or order online. Also available for review, touch screen monitors, pos terminals, barcode and label printers, thermal receipt paper and standard receipt paper, and ink cartridges. Call (866) 468-5767 for prices.

Posiflex Jiva
The Jiva is a durable computer system that is designed from the ground up for POS stations and restaurants. It is a Windows computer with a built-in touchscreen that can withstand the rigors of constant use in the work environment...read more

Quickbooks POS Hardware
Hardware for Quickbooks Point of Sale and Cash Register Plus now available. Also, copies of Quickbooks Pro 2009 are being sold at reduced cost when purchased with Cash Register Express...read more

POS Solution
Call us for our POS and inventory solutions for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android Smartphone!

Everything You Need to Know About Your $99 Web Host

 Your $99 Website

'Ideas for Better Computing' from International Point of

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why do I need a website?


Fewer than 50% of all small businesses have a website.


Your customers or clients expect to see a website.

People are looking for you on the web. People used to look for you in the telephone book. Now, everyone expects to find you on the web. It doesn't matter what type of business you have. You can be a doctor, attorney, or plumber. You can own a clothing store, restaurant or convenience store. People are searching for you and expect to find you on the web.

Having a website will increase your business. Just a single page website will give your business a presence in your community. A website allows your customers or clients to find you, see who you are, see what you do.

Your website is the new version of a listing in the phonebook. A website gives you more far more exposure than a phonebook at a fraction of the price.


What is a minimum starter website?


A minimum website should have your business name, address, telephone number, hours, and perhaps directions.

Use a digital camera to take a photo or two. You may want to take a photo of your actual business. You can add photos of your employees, your products, or even some of your clients or customers.

Tell people what you do or sell.

Now you have a one page website that tells people who find you on the web who you are, where you are, and what you do.


I'm a computer dummy. How do I create my website?


You have lots of options.


1. Call us with your vitial information and we can create a website for you.

2. Use Microsoft Word or any other word processor to create your website. A website is nothing more than an ad that your are placing online. Whatever you create on your word processor can be converted to an .html file. Copy that file to your website location and your done.

3. If you are more sophisticated, you can use Microsoft Frontpage, Microsoft Expressions, or Adobe Dreamweaver to create your website. There are hundreds of step by step books that can help you learn to use some of these more sophisticated web designer products.

4. Use of your employees to create a website. If you don't have the time, it is likely that one of your employees can create a starter website for you.

5. Use our SiteBuilder. Our SiteBuilder will help any amatuer designer to build a professional looking website. Just select one of hundreds of available sitebuilder templates. These templated are completed websites. Just change the words, the names, the addresses, and business information, and you have a professionally looking site for your business. You can add pictures from the extensive picture gallery or add your own.

Our SiteBuilder is Easy to use - no technical skills or experience needed.

6. Use one of our professionl web degisners. We can do it all for you.


How much is my website going to cost?


$99 for the first year.


OK. Howe much does it really cost?


$99 gets your website online for 1 year.


An additional $29 will get you a website name for a year. For examples, if you want to use the name sears.com, that's $29. It is quite likely that sears.com is taken by another company! We will help you find a suitable website name for you website. Once you have your name, there is a charge of $19 per year to retain that name.


That's it. Your cost is just $99 per year. Add $29 for your website name and your done.


I know nothing. How do I put my website onto the internet?


We can create a Basic Web Site for you ($295).


You send us what you have available. You can send your ideas on a piece of paper using crayons, outline your ideas with a word processor, or tell us your ideas on the telephone.


Having digital photos of your business or restaurant is very helpful. It's nice to have a photo of your business on the front page of your website. It's nice to add some photos of the inside of your business, some of your products, and possibly some of your employees. You don't need to be a professional photographer. Just use your digital camera and take some photos.


Send a description of your business (on paper or email). What does your business do? If you own a restaurant, send us your menu. What makes your business unique? Who shops in  your store? Where are you located? Send us any words, phrases or documents that will help us make your business shine on your website.


This all sounds too complicated to me. How do I get started?


We can make it simple for you. We'll figure out some domain names for you and give you some choices. Just send us what you have (crayon sketches, word processing files, digital photographs, handwritten notes, menus, whatever you have). We will get you up and running on the web for $395.


Why do I need a website?


For $99 per year, you have a free advertisement.

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