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Restaurant Pro Express/Pizzeria

woman eating pizza

Pepperoni pizza isn't the only thing putting smiles on people's faces. Streamlining and enhancing the way pizza is being ordered, making things fun and easy, is the Restaurant Pro Express.

This point of sale system has been specifically designed to lend a hand to pizzerias and full pizza restaurants everywhere.

The RPE features an industry leading Pizza Ordering Screen in addition to full restaurant POS functionality. This screen modernizes the ordering process by reducing the amount of touches needed to put together a pizza with a wide variety of toppings, crusts, and sizes.

The practicality of the system does not stop there. With integrated caller ID, driver routing, and delivery tracking, it even extends out to the delivery process. With Restaurant Pro Express, there is no end to how simple and efficient your business will become. pizzaguyicon 

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Pizza POS Screen Shot1 - order process

Pizzeria Features

¨ Unlimited list of toppings
¨ Add toppings to halves, quarters
   or the whole pizza
¨ Change sizes and crusts
   with a single touch
¨ Streamline ordering process
¨ Further modify pizzas
¨ Create complicated pizza menus fast
¨ Specialty pizzas can be configured
   with pre-set toppings (ex: meat lovers)
¨ Clear view which toppings
   are on which part of the pizza
¨ Pizza price shown
   as the pizza is being built

pizza pie

To add toppings to a pizza, simply touch the region 
(whole, half or quarter) and touch all the toppings that
will be in that region. To eliminate order entry error,
your choices so far are clearly displayed on the screen for confirmation.

Delivery & Driver Tracking

Pizza POS screenshot2 - tracking

Now, with Restaurant Pro Express, you can enter orders into the system easily and swiftly, and deliver them in a timely and organized fashion. This leaves you with a Happy Customer and room for possible repeat business.

The point of sale display has a caller ID interface built in, so you can see who is calling and what their last order was before you even pick up the phone. There is no room for error because their name and address are automatically tied to the transaction.

The delivery management system assigns orders to different drivers and displays when they are sent off with their deliveries. When the drivers return, they check-in to settle their funds.

Pizza POS screenshot3 - setup

Setting Up Your Menu

In just a few minutes, with Restaurant Pro Express, you can setup your personal pizza menu. All of your signature pizzas with their default toppings can be configured, quickly accessible and modified easily.

For example you can ring up a meat lovers pizza and remove the pepperonis with one simple touch.

It is so easy with RPE to create a pizza; merely type in the description and choose which sizes and crusts can be ordered for that pizza. Sub-modifiers are also available within the system. Selecting LITE onions or EXTRA cheese will alter the price and lower the inventory of that particular topping.

Pizza POS screenshot4 - pricing

Flexible Pricing

Each size and crust combination of your pizzas can have separate prices assigned to them. Just touch the box in the grid and type in the price to enter the cost for the order with its specific size and crust.

A user-defined number of free toppings can be included for each pizza, for restaurants that give some free topping with purchases of certain pizzas.

chef flipping pizza dough

Topping Setup

You are allowed to create an unlimited amount of toppings, crusts, and sizes with Restaurant Pro Express. To configure each into the system, it takes only a few seconds. Pizza POS screenshot5 - topping setup

The program enables you to set up different prices for each topping for each pizza because each topping has its own pricing grid.

Additional Features

¨ Flexible, colorful
   menus w/ pictures

¨ Table diagram
   and management

¨ Inventory &
   Ingredient Tracking

¨ Sales and
   Profit Reports

¨ Daily financial

¨ Time clock
   and labor tracking

¨ Employee security

¨ Customer loyalty

¨ Split checks

¨ Comps, buybacks,
   voids and discounts

¨ Gift cards

¨ Kitchen printing

¨ Kitchen video
   system with bump bar

¨ Fast and
   easy interface


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