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International Point of Sale
The lowest prices on every POS hardware product. If you're looking for a barcode scanner, receipt printer, pole display, cash drawer, card reader, or anything else, give us a call or order online. Also available for review, touch screen monitors, pos terminals, barcode and label printers, thermal receipt paper and standard receipt paper, and ink cartridges. Call (866) 468-5767 for prices.

Posiflex Jiva
The Jiva is a durable computer system that is designed from the ground up for POS stations and restaurants. It is a Windows computer with a built-in touchscreen that can withstand the rigors of constant use in the work environment...read more

Quickbooks POS Hardware
Hardware for Quickbooks Point of Sale and Cash Register Plus now available. Also, copies of Quickbooks Pro 2009 are being sold at reduced cost when purchased with Cash Register Express...read more

POS Solution
Call us for our POS and inventory solutions for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android Smartphone!

pcAmerica - CRE/RPE Import Tool

Do you know pcAmerica now offers an import tool to easily import your customers, vendors, employees, categories and departments into CRE or RPE ?

Call us today and we will help you install the tool and import your data into CRE or RPE

We highly recommend you taking a backup of your database before performing any import using this tool. Because these imports can not be reversed. Want to know how to take a backup of your CRE or RPE Database ? Visit Here
Download pcAmerica - CRE/RPE Import Tool from Here

Configuration - After successful installation, configure the settings in the first screen as shown below.
You would need to add the IP of the server where the database is installed

Composite of several different screen shots from Cash Register Express

Step 1 - Choose Import Type
In the Step 1, you can choose one of multiple table names, in which you would like to import your CSV file. Click on Next to go to next step.

Composite of several different screen shots from Cash Register Express

Step 2 - Choose CSV file for Import
In this step you can browse through your hard disk and select

1. First row contains filed name - It will skip the first row during import
2. Sort using field names - CSV column names will get sorted alphabetically
3. Ignore duplicate records - Duplicate records will get omitted
4. Update duplicate records - All duplicate records will get updated
Click on 'Next' to move further

Composite of several different screen shots from Cash Register Express

You would need to map the table fields with CSV columns. Now the mapping would be done for first table which was selected in the 'Step 1'.
Choose the relevant filed names from drop down list with respect to the CSV column names.
For common entries you can create a 'Custom field' which will remain same for all records.
For Eg, in below screenshot, City would be a common field for all customers, so we have created a Custom field 'City' and added a record as New York which is a common city for all customers here.
You can add as many custom fields as you want by clicking on 'Add a Custom field'. To remove, click on 'Remove' button.

Composite of several different screen shots from Cash Register Express

'Choose another file' will take you to previous step of importing a CSV file. Repeat the same procedure for the next tables in alphabetical order, namely 'Employee' and 'Vendor'.

Step 3 - Import Process Summary
In step 3, a detailed summary of import process would be displayed. A total bifurcation of records in terms of New, Updated, Failed and Duplicate records are given in this step as shown in below screenshot. By clicking on 'Download' you can download and check all failed records during the import process. An error would be also be displayed in a separate column. User can fix the error and reimport the CSV file.

Composite of several different screen shots from Cash Register Express

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