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The lowest prices on every POS hardware product. If you're looking for a barcode scanner, receipt printer, pole display, cash drawer, card reader, or anything else, give us a call or order online. Also available for review, touch screen monitors, pos terminals, barcode and label printers, thermal receipt paper and standard receipt paper, and ink cartridges. Call (866) 468-5767 for prices.

Posiflex Jiva
The Jiva is a durable computer system that is designed from the ground up for POS stations and restaurants. It is a Windows computer with a built-in touchscreen that can withstand the rigors of constant use in the work environment...read more

Quickbooks POS Hardware
Hardware for Quickbooks Point of Sale and Cash Register Plus now available. Also, copies of Quickbooks Pro 2009 are being sold at reduced cost when purchased with Cash Register Express...read more

POS Solution
Call us for our POS and inventory solutions for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android Smartphone!

Epson UL Numbers

The following numbers are NOT part numbers. They DO NOT signify color, interface or any other option. Call International Point of Sale (1-866-468-5767) if you have questions, if you would like a quote, or place an order on any of these products.

Epson IM-700:

M215A, M215B, M215C, M215D, M215E, M215F, M215G,M215H, M215I, M215J, M215K, M215L, M215M, M215N, M215O, M215P, M215Q, M215R, M215S, M215T, M215U, M215V, M215W, M215X, M215Y, M215Z

Epson TM-T88III:

M216A, M216B, M216C, M216D, M216E, M216F, M216G, M216H, M216I, M216J, M216K, M216L, M216M, M216N, M216O, M216P, M216Q, M216R, M216S, M216T, M216U, M216V, M216W, M216X, M216Y, M216Z

Epson DM-LX121SV:

M217A, M217B, M217C, M217D, M217E, M217F, M217G, M217H, M217I, M217J, M217K, M217L, M217M, M217N, M217O, M217P, M217Q, M217R, M217S, M217T, M217U, M217V, M217W, M217X, M217Y, M217Z

Epson DM-LX150XG:

M218A, M218B, M218C, M218D, M218E, M218F, M218G, M218H, M218I, M218J, M218K, M218L, M218M, M218N, M218O, M218P, M218Q, M218R, M218S, M218T, M218U, M218V, M218W, M218X, M218Y, M218Z

Epson IM-600 / SR-610:

M164, M1640, M1641, M1642, M1643, M1644, M1645, M1646, M1647, M1648, M1649, M164A, M164B, M164B, M164C, M164D, M164E, M164F, M164G, M164H, M164I, M164J, M164K, M164L, M164M, M164N, M164O, M164P, M164Q, M164R, M164S, M164T, M164U, M164V, M164W, M164X, M164Y, M164Z

Epson TM-P60:

M196A, M196B, M196C, M196D, M196E, M196F, M196G, M196H, M196I, M196J, M196K, M196L, M196M, M196N, M196O, M196P, M196Q, M196R, M196S, M196T, M196U, M196V, M196X, M196Y M196Z

Epson TM-H6000 / TM-H6000II with Image Scanner Model:

M147A, M147B, M147C, M147D, M147E, M147F, M147G, M147H, M147I, M147J, M147K, M147L, M147M, M147N, M147O, M147P, M147Q, M147R, M147S, M147T, M147U, M147V, M147W, M147X, M147Y, M147Z

Epson EU-T300:

M211A, M211B, M211C, M211D, M211E, M211F, M211G, M211H, M211I, M211J, M211K, M211L, M211M, M211N, M211O, M211P, M211Q, M211R, M211S, M211T, M211U, M211V, M211W, M211X, M211Y, M211Z

Epson TM-U375:

M63UA, M63UB, M63UC, M63UD, M63UE, M63UF, M63UG, M63UH, M63UI, M63UJ, M63UK, M63UL, M63UM, M63UN, M63UO, M63UP, M63UQ, M63UR, M63US, M63UT, M63UUM63UV, M63UW, M63UX, M63UY, M63UZ, M115A, M115B, M115C, M115D, M115E, M115F, M115G, M115H, M115I, M115J, M115K, M115L, M115M, M115N, M115O, M115P, M115Q, M115R, M115S, M115T, M115U, M115V, M115W, M115X, M115Y, M115Z

Epson TM-U295:

M66SY, M66PY, M117A, M117B, M117C, M117D, M117E, M117F, M117G, M117H, M117I, M117J, M117K, M117L, M117M, M117N, M117O, M117P, M117Q, M117R, M117S, M117T, M117U, M117V, M117W, M117X, M117Y, M117Z

Epson TM-U325:

M133A, M133B, M133C, M133D, M133E, M133F, M133G, M133H, M133I, M133J, M133K, M133L, M133M, M133N, M133O, M133P, M133Q, M133R, M133S, M133T, M133U, M133V, M133W, M133X, M133Y, M133Z

Epson TM-T88III / TM-T88IV / TM-T86F / TM-T86L / TM-T87L:

M129A, M129B, M129C, M129D, M129E, M129F, M129G, M129H, M129I, M129J, M129K, M129L, M129M, M129N, M129O, M129P, M129Q, M129R, M129S, M129T, M129U, M129V, M129W, M129X, M129Y, M129Z

Epson TM-T90 / TM-L90, Peeler

M165A, M165B, M165C, M165D, M165E, M165F, M165G, M165H, M165I, M165J, M165K, M165L, M165M, M165N, M165O, M165P, M165Q, M165R, M165S, M165T, M165U, M165V, M165W, M165X, M165Y, M165Z

Epson TM-U230:

M166A, M166B, M166C, M166D, M166E, M166F, M166G, M166H, M166I, M166J, M166K, M166L, M166M, M166N, M166O, M166P, M166Q, M166R, M166S, M166T, M166U, M166V, M166W, M166X, M166Y, M166Z

Epson TM-U220:

M188A, M188B, M188C, M188D, M188E, M188F, M188G, M188H, M188I, M188J, M188K, M188L, M188M, M188N, M188O, M188P, M188Q, M188R, M188S, M188T, M188U, M188V, M188W, M188X, M188Y, M188Z

Epson TM-L60II:

M67LA, M67LB, M67LC, M67LD, M67LE, M67LF, M67LG, M67LH, M67LI, M67LJ, M67LK, M67LL, M67LM, M67LN, M67LO, M67LP, M67LQ, M67LR, M67LS, M67LT, M67LU, M67LV, M67LW, M67LX, M67LY, M67LZ, M121A, M121B, M121C, M121D, M121E, M121F, M121G, M121H, M121I, M121J, M121K, M121L, M121M, M121N, M121O, M121P, M121Q, M121R, M121S, M121T, M121U, M121V, M121W, M121X, M121Y, M121Z

Epson TM-H5000 / TM-H5000II / TM-H5200 / TM-U590:

M128A, M128B, M128C, M128D, M128E, M128F, M128G, M128H, M128I, M128J, M128K, M128L, M128M, M128N, M128O, M128P, M128Q, M128R, M128S, M128T, M128U, M128V, M128W, M128X M128Y, M128Z

Epson TM-U200 / TM-U210:

M119A, M119B, M119C, M119D, M119E, M119F, M119G, M119H, M119I, M119J, M119K, M119L, M119M, M119N, M119O, M119P, M119Q, M119R, M119S, M119T, M119U, M119V, M119W, M119X, M119Y, M119Z

Epson TM-J9000 / TM-J9100:

M198A, M119B, M119C, M119D, M119E, M119F, M119G, M119H, M119I, M119J, M119K, M119L, M119M, M119N, M119O, M119P, M119Q, M119R, M119S, M119T, M119U, M119V, M119W, M119X, M119Y, M119Z

Epson TM-U675:

M146A, M146B, M146C, M146D, M146E, M146F, M146G, M146H, M146I, M146J, M146K, M146L, M146M, M146N, M146O, M146P, M146Q, M146R, M146S, M146T, M146U, M146V, M146W, M146X, M146Y, M146Z

Epson TM-C100:

M194A, M194B, M194C, M194D, M194E, M194F, M194G, M194H, M194I, M194J, M194K, M194L, M194M, M194N, M194O, M194P, M194Q, M194R, M194S, M194T, M194U, M194V, M194W, M194X, M194Y, M194Z

Epson TM-J2000 / TM-J2100:

M158A, M158B, M158C, M158D, M158E, M158F, M158G, M158H, M158I, M158J, M158K, M158L, M158M, M158N, M158O, M158P, M158Q, M158R, M158S, M158T, M158U, M158V, M158W, M158X, M158Y, M158Z

Epson TM-J7000 / TM-J7100 / TM-J7500 / TM-J7600:

M184A, M184B, M184C, M184D, M184E, M184F, M184G, M184H, M184I, M184J, M184K, M184L, M184M, M184N, M184O, M184P, M184Q, M184R, M184S, M184T, M184U, M184V, M184W, M184X, M184Y, M184Z

Epson TM-H3000R:

M161A, M161B, M161C, M161D, M161E, M161F, M161G, M161H, M161I, M161J, M161K, M161L, M161M, M161N, M161O, M161P, M161Q, M161R, M161S, M161T, M161U, M161V, M161W, M161X, M161Y, M161Z

Epson TM-U950 / TM-U925:

M62UA, M62UB, M62UC, M62UD, M62UE, M62UF, M62UG, M62UH, M62UI, M62UJ, M62UK, M62UL, M62UM, M62UN, M62UO, M62UP, M62UQ, M62UR, M62US, M62UT, M62UU, M62UV, M62UW, M62UX, M62UY, M62UZ, M114A, M114B, M114C, M114D, M114E, M114F, M114G, M114H, M114I, M114J, M114K, M114L, M114M, M114N, M114O, M114P, M114Q, M114R, M114S, M114T, M114U, M114V, M114W, M114X, M114Y, M114Z

Epson DM-M820: S1201D

Epson IM-800: M183A

Epson IM-320:

M156A, M156B, M156C, M156D, M156E, M156F, M156G, M156H, M156I, M156J, M156K, M156L, M156M, M156N, M156O, M156P, M156Q, M156R, M156S, M156T, M156U, M156V, M156W, M156X, M156Y, M156Z

Epson DM-LR104T for IR: M182A

Epson DM-LR121SV / DM-LR121SL / for IR: M157A

Epson DM-LS121S / DM-LS121T / DM-LS121S/T for SR:

M169A, M169B, M169C, M169D, M169E, M169F, M169G, M169H, M169I, M169J, M169K, M169L, M169M, M169N, M169O, M169P, M169Q, M169R, M169S, M169T, M169U, M169V, M169W, M169X, M169Y, M169Z

PB-65** (PS for Epson TM-U300 / TM-U200 / TM-U325: M34PB, PB-6509

Epson TM-T88IIR:

M138A, M138B, M138C, M138D, M138E, M138F, M138G, M138H, M138I, M138J, M138K, M138L, M138M, M138N, M138O, M138P, M138Q, M138R, M138S, M138T, M138U, M138V, M138W, M138X, M138Y, M138Z

Epson DM-D500 / DP-501: (Customer Display) M151A, (Stand Unit) M153A

Epson DM-KR028 for IR:

M145A, M145B, M145C, M145D, M145E, M145F, M145G, M145H, M145I, M145J, M145K, M145L, M145M, M145N, M145O, M145P, M145Q, M145R, M145S, M145T, M145U, M145V, M145W, M145X, M145Y, M145Z

Epson DM-KR084 for IR:

M139A, M139B, M139C, M139D, M139E, M139F, M139G, M139H, M139I, M139J, M139K, M139L, M139M, M139N, M139O, M139P, M139Q, M139R, M139S, M139T, M139U, M139V, M139W, M139X, M139Y, M139Z

Epson DM-MR123 for IR:

M142A, M142B, M142C, M142D, M142E, M142F, M142G, M142H, M142I, M142J, M142K, M142L, M142M, M142N, M142O, M142P, M142Q, M142R, M142S, M142T, M142U, M142V, M142W, M142X, M142Y, M142Z

Epson DM-MS123 for SR:

M171A, M171B, M171C, M171D, M171E, M171F, M171G, M171H, M171I, M171J, M171K, M171L, M171M, M171N, M171O, M171P, M171Q, M171R, M171S, M171T, M171U, M171V, M171W, M171X, M171Y, M171Z

Epson TM-T70:

M225A, M225B, M225C, M225D, M225E, M225F, M225G, M225H, M225I, M225J, M225K, M225L, M225M, M225N, M225O, M225P, M225Q, M225R, M225S, M225T, M225U, M225V, M225W, M225X, M225Y, M225Z

Epson TM-C600:

M228A, M228B, M228C, M228D, M228E, M228F, M228G, M228H, M228I, M228J, M228K, M228L, M228M, M228N, M228O, M228P, M228Q, M228R, M228S, M228T, M228U, M228V, M228W, M228X, M228Y, M228Z

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