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D & P Package Liquors

Sullivan, Missouri


Dan and Pam Steele bought the modest Sonny Boy's Package Liquor in April 2002 with big dreams. In their words, the store was "run down and only had one beer cooler". Do to an increase in demand and heavy business volume they eventually tripled their cooler capacity and now carry beer, liquors, wines, champagnes, and even hunting tags and permits. The store is now called D&P Package Liquor.

As a result of steady growth and increased revenue, they sought the need to get a POS system to keep control of inventory. Now, D&P has "an accurate inventory that is always up to date".

Dan and Pam at D&P Package and Liquor

Our CRE system is a tremendous improvement and probably saves in a weeks time 10 to 12 hours in expediting customer checkout time

With CRE there is no need to manually change inventory everytime you sell something. No need to worry with this system! Just scan items and they are depleted from stock. D&P saves even more time by using Pocket Inventory no need to hand count when doing physical inventory anymore. With PI, they can scan items off the truck into inventory and change prices, add items, and with Pocket Register check-out customers while away from the register!

"Our CRE system is a tremendous improvement and probably saves in a weeks time 10 to 12 hours in expediting customer checkout time. We also scan our deliveries in at the register and with the UPC codes provided by the vendors it takes a fraction of time over our previous manual system checking in an order". Dan and Pam make use of the easy purchase order function of CRE. When products come in, just scan and enter quantity and stock is updated. Or you can click on an already placed order which tells CRE the shipment has come in. This way, "we have an accurate inventory that is always up to date".

D & P Package Liquors' POS system consists of:

Retail experts estimate that while a POS system (average cost $3000) will cost you $3 a day over a 3 year period, it will save you $80 a day from inventory tracking alone! But CRE is worth getting for the time saving alone; as they say 'time is money'. Dan says "We used our CRE for year end inventory that takes 3 hours including setting up the printer for vendor reports. The old manual system took a couple weeks with several people counting and writing down all of the 2000 different items in the store".

Customers want accurate pricing and fast service and this system provides both of them

Further demonstrating that CRE is the easiest to use POS program on the market, Dan and Pam say "The system is so user friendly, you really can't make mistakes without finding your error" meaning it's easy to troubleshoot without calling tech support... What I am telling you is that, if you can pick up a scanner and give back the correct change based on what the CRE tells you what you own the customer, you can operate the cashier checkout station.

"The automation is a necessary tool in any size business today" and as D&P continues it's impressive growth, CRE & IntlPOS will support him all the way through; CRE is capable of storing billions of products and invoices.

You simply cannot get pricing wrong with CRE. No over or under charging due to cashier guessing. "Customers want accurate pricing and fast service and this system provides both of them".

Proving once again that it does matter where you make your point of sale purchase, "Our service has been excellent from International Point of Sale and they provided most of the hardware required at very competitive prices"

"The system is so great. We love it!"

D&P Package Liquor at the counter

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