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Details for your Home

Avon, Ohio


Details for your Home is a home décor and gift store located in Avon, Ohio. Details' features decorative accents for the traditional and contemporary home. It offers everything including area rugs, lamps, framed artwork, tabletop accessories, gourmet foods, and gift selections. The building that houses Details for your Home has been on the Register of Historic Buildings since 1937.

When it came time to decide on a point of sale system, owner Lori Caffo-Miles realized there were several important features that a system needed in order to work in her store. Detail's for your Home has a variety of inventory, lots of departments, but room for only one register. The point of sale terminal needed to be fast, keep the customer's wait on line to a minimum, and accurate enough to have the correct price on hundreds of items. Cash Register Express was able to meet all these needs.
Photo of the outside of Details for your Home

Inside the store

Details for your Home is located in a shopping area that has a lot of traffic so they hope to have a quick inventory turn around. Cash Register Express' inventory maintenance lets Lori easily track incoming and outgoing inventory. When a store has so many items, knowing what’s on hand and what needs to be re-ordered is crucial. "We actually considered starting our business with a basic cash register," Lori said. "There is no way we that we would have been able to conduct the volume of business that we do, and remain as accurate in our inventory."

I can't believe how simple it is to operate. The options are right in front of you. - Jennifer, Manager

"The inventory and sales reports have allowed us to make important decisions on items and or categories that need to be eliminated or enhanced in the store." The detailed sales by dept. report has helped managers make intelligent buying and hiring decisions. It also helps with scheduling by providing an hourly sales breakdown.

Details for your Home has seen improved business just by staying in touch with their old customers. The customer maintenance features make it a cinch to mail and email customers for sales and events. CRE increases customer loyalty with gift cards, coupons, membership points, and frequent visitor bonuses. Industry studies estimate that it costs 20%-40% more to gain brand new customers than it costs to have an existing customer give you return business.
Dan and Pam at D&P Package and Liquor

Details for your Home's POS system:

If you are interested in a POS system like the one at Details for your Home or if you'd like a system custom tailored to your needs call (866) 468-5767 for a price quote.

And to add a dash of story book to your home, stop by and say hello to Lori in Avon!

Inside of store

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