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Release notes and new features available for Cash Register Express 2004 version 9.50

Release notes and new features available for Cash Register Express 2004 version 9.50

Release 9.50 February 11th, 2004 -- Download CRE 9.50

1. Modified gift receipts so you can:
  • Print a gift receipt for an older invoice
  • Print the purchase date and invoice # on the gift receipt
2. Modified 'End of Day' function

3. New 'Guest #' option added to the function buttons of theEdits screen. This will allow you to assign an item to a different guest at the table, if you are using 'Order by Guest'. 

4. NEW Added 'Sell Non-Inventory' permission, which controls whether or not an employee may sell a non-inventory item (CRE) or extra item (RPE).

5. The receipt now shows 'FS' next to the item description of the item is foodstampable.

6. There is now a 'Reprint Shift Report' button in the 'Time Clock Management' screen.

7. The 'On Order Matrix' in the 'Styles Screen' now shows the in-stock amount in parentheses. This eliminates a step for ordering from that screen.

8. NEW 'Substitute second description to kitchen printer' added to the 'Restaurant Features' of the 'Setup Screen'. When this option is checked, it will print the second description line to the kitchen printers, allowing the chefs to see a shorthand description, an alternate description or an order printed in a different language then would appear on the receipt.

9. NEW 'Breakdown by Category' section added to the 'Detailed Daily Report'. This will allow you to see the total quantity and total dollars sold by each category.

10. There is now a 'Delete Clock-Out' button in the 'Time Clock Management' screen which gives administrators a way to delete clock out times using a touch screen. The time clock entries are now placed in reverse order, so you don't have to scroll down to see the latest entries.

11. NEW Added 'Prepare Batch' button for ingredient tracking, which allows you to create an item, put it in stock now, and subtract its ingredients from stock now. For example, if you 'Prepare Batch' for a pizza, it will deduct the dough, cheese and sauce from stock now and add in the number of pizzas made. To enable this, you must select 'At Preparation' for the 'Deduct Ingredients' option in the 'Inventory' tab of the 'Setup Screen'.

12. NEW Added 'Tax Exempt Invoice' permission to the 'Permissions' tab of the 'Employee Maintenance' screen.

13. NEW Added 'Combine Checks' option to the 'Edits Menu' of the touch screen invoicing screen. This allows you to combine two checks into one. First, select the table you want to keep. Second, select the 'Combine Check' option. Third, select the table you want to combine (which will be deleted after the check is combined.) There is an option in the 'Setup Screen' under 'Restaurant Features' that allows you to define if the current check should be comined into the target, or vice versa.

14. Modified 'Inventory Maintenance' screen so that after you add an item, when asked if you would like to add another item, you have a choice of "Duplicate Last". If you choose this option, it will duplicate the item you just added. This allows for faster adding of multiple similar items.

15. You can now add departments 'on the fly' while in the Inventory Maintenance screen. To do this, click on the word 'Department' next to the department dropdown. This is a convenient way to add a new department.

16. NEW Added description and signature line for Vendor Payouts. This will give you more information when payout receipts are handed in at the end of the day.

17. If you have 'Prompt ID' turned on, it will now exit back to the login screen after each transaction. It used to ask for the cashier ID at the end of each sale.

18. If you exit CRE, it now exits back to the Login Screen.

19. For each inventory item, you can now have a different part number for each vendor. This is accessed in the 'Ordering Info' tab of the 'Inventory Maintenance' screen.

20. NEW In Cash Register Express, if your employee is required to clock in before logging in, if they clock out they will automatically be logged out.

21. NEW When an employee clocks out, it now prints a Clockout Receipt with the amount of time they've worked. This feature is activated by checking the 'Clockout Receipt' checkbox in the 'System Access' tab of the 'Setup Screen'.

22. NEW Added two new employee permissions, one for selling gift cards, the other for redeeming gift cards. These can be set up in the Employee Maintenance screen.

23. Modified the rounding invoice function so you can either round to the lowest nickel, dime or dollar (as it was currently) or to the NEAREST nickel, dime or dollar. These features make for faster change. Additionally, instead of applying a discount, if an invoice is rounded, it calculates it by adding a positive or negative non-inventory item for the appropriate amount.

24. NEW Support added for the Metrologic MS 2020 Scanner\Scale, which is a great scale for any store that scans a lot of items and also has to weigh such items as produce.

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