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Release notes and brand new features for Cash Register Express version 9.4

Release 9.40 November 26th, 2003 -- Download Cash Register Express

1. ** SPEED UP ** Save 1-3 keystrokes, 1-3 seconds. Credit card transactions can now be ended by simply swiping the credit card. You no longer have to hit the end transaction buttons and then swipe the credit card. CRE\RPE will recognize your credit card swipe and save you the keystrokes.

2. ** SPEED UP ** Save 1 keystroke, 1 second. 'Quick Change' option added to the 'Quick Invoicing' tab of the 'Setup Screen'. With this option enabled, change will be displayed in the top right corner of the invoice screen, instead of in its own window. The change is automatically cleared when you ring up your next item. This works for retail, and restaurant stations where Prompt Table is turned off.

3. ** SPEED UP ** Save 2-5 keystrokes, 1-3 seconds. 'Quick Tender' option added to the 'Quick Invoicing' tab of the 'Setup Screen'. With this option enabled, the amount tendered screen will show quick tender buttons for common amounts (ex: $ 5, $ 10, $ 20) on the amount tendered screen. A one button touch can be used to select these amounts. This feautre is best used with a touch screen.

4. ** NEW ** 'Gift Receipts' added to CRE\RPE. The 'Print Gift Receipt for Last Invoice' button in the Cashier Functions tab of the Options Screen will bring up a box of all items sold on the last invoice. Select which items you want to print gift receipts for (using the arrow keys and enter, or a touch screen.) A gift receipt, including a bar code if you are using an epson receipt printer, will print for each item selected. To return the item, simply scan the bar code or type in the code on the bottom of the gift receipt.

5. ** NEW ** Mix'N Match -- Two new types of Mix 'N Match have been added - Bulk Discount and Discount Percentage. Bulk discount allows you to setup a bulk price for a group of items. When the specified quantity is reached, the prices of all items in the group change to the bulk price. Discount percentage will discount all items in the group once the quantity required is reached.

6. The 'PO History' report (accessed through the purchase orders screen) now includes serial numbers of the items received (if you are using the 'Track Incoming Serial Numbers' feature.)

7. There is now an on-screen keyboard in the 'Employee Maintenance' screen.

8. In RPE, if you send an item to the kitchen (and put the check on hold), then when the table is recalled, items that already printed to the kitchen will have a '>' before the description of each item. This allows servers to easily distinguish what is already on the check vs what is new.

9. ** NEW ** Added restaurant permission for splitting checks.

10. ** NEW ** Added restaurant permission for transferring tables.

11. ** NEW ** 'Cost Centers' added to the 'Table Diagram' table selection screen of Restaurant Pro Express. A cost center refers to an area of income for your restaurant, such as 'Dining Room', 'Bar', 'Takeout', and 'Delivery'. The cost centers can be created in the 'Setup Screen', and configured in the 'Edit Layout' section of the 'Table Diagram' screen.

12. ** NEW **'End of Day' feature added for Restaurant Pro Express. This feature, to be run once per day, "closes" the restaurant, and runs a report for the entire day since the last close. The 'Daily Close' report includes a total of sales, breakdown by payment method, and a breakdown of sales by cost center and category, for lunch and dinner periods.

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