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Cash Register Express Version 12.6 Release Notes

New version of cash register exress is lot more improved and modified. Bugs from old version are fixed in this. To view complete list of patch release fixes click here.

Cash Register Express Version 10.1 Release Notes

Release 10.1 September 29th, 2004

1. Updated the 'Quick-Add' feature (Which adds items on the fly.) It now has it's own tab in the setup screen, and you can set up defaults for whether or not an item is taxable and foodstampable. You can also have the 'Quick Enter' version prompt you for a cost.

2. Re-designed Non-Inventory screen for retail invoice screens. The new screen is easier to use and touch screen compatible.

3. Modified the 'Send Mass E-mail Feature' so you can now send e-mail to all customers, or customers with a specific price level.

4. Option to 'Display Lines' on Full Professional Invoice added to the 'Receipt' tab of the 'Setup Screen'.

5. Added 'Employee Listing' report to the 'Employee' tab of the 'Reporting Screen' which lists the ID and personal info of each employee.

6. Added dual-currency features. The second currency description can be set up in the 'Invoice Settings' tab of the 'Setup Screen', and allows you to provide a description of the second currency, the current exchange rate and the currency symbol. After setting up an exchange rate, you will then have a new payment type for your secondary currency (requires the detailed amount tendered screen.)

7. Modified 'Order by Guest', so if you are using this feature you can either select the guest number before the item, on the bottom of the screen (as it is now) or be prompted for the guest number after selecting each item

8. The short receipt now combines like items on the receipt to make it even shorter. For example, if 2 people each ordered a steak, rare with baked potato, it will now print the 1 steak with quantity 2 on the receipt, as opposed to 2 lines with quantity 1. This can drastically reduce the length of the receipt for large parties.

9. Added 'Tax Exempt' custom button option for the restaurant invoice screen.

10. Added 'Item Info' button to the RPE invoice screen (custom button.) If you hit 'Item Info', and then touch an item, a window will popup showing the description, item number and price.

11. Added 'Alphabetize' button to the items list for touch screen configuration, so a retail store or restaurant can easily put their touch screen buttons for their items in alphabetical order.

12. Added 'Reorder Round' custom button to Restaurant Pro Express which allows the user to select one or more food or drink items and easily re-order another round of them with the touch of a button.

13. Expanded 'Employee ID' field to 4 characters.

14. A second copy of the receipt (for the customer to sign) will no longer print for debit cards with a pin number.

15. The 'Inventory Maintenance' screen will prompt you to save changes if you make changes to an item, move to a different item and forget to hit the 'Save Changes' button.

16. Floor amount added for credit cards. You can now set up a minimum amount that someone is allowed to charge on a credit card. There is also a new permission that is tied to this in the 'Employee Maintenance' screen.

17. 'Overpayment as Tip' feature added for to the 'Restaurant Features' tab of the 'Setup Screen', which allows a cashier to type in an extra amount and have it immediately processed as a tip.

18. 'Deny Credit Card Settlement with Open Tips' feature added, which helps protect against mistaken, pre-mature settling of the PC Charge Credit Card batch before entering tips.

19. You can now select the number of seats at a table in the 'Table Diagram' table selection screen in 'Restaurant Pro Express'. If you use this feature, you will be required to select which seat numbers are being used at a partially filled table.

20. You can now decrease the size of a party in Restaurant Pro Express.

21. 'Cash Alerts' added to CRE\RPE. 'Use Cash Alerts' in the Setup Screen in the 'Quick Invoicing & Alerts' tab enables notification of a manager to remove money from a cashier's drawer once they reach a certain limit. You can setup 2 Alert levels. The first is an alert level, which tells the cashier to find a manager soon. The second is a lockup-up level, which prevents the cashier from ringing sales until a manager removes money from the drawer. Cashier's have the option to override the alert to continue sales until the lockup occurs.

22. 'Cash Alert Override' and 'Cash Pickups' permissions added to the Employee Maintenance screen. Once a cashier has reached their cash lock level, an employee who has permission can override the current sale, or, using a separate permission, they can do a pickup.

23. 'Cash Pickups Report' added to the Employee category of the Reporting Screen. Displays all pickups within a date range. Pickups are also accounted for in a cashier's shift report.

24. 'Mass Table Transfer' added to CRE/RPE. When you require all tables to be closed before a server clocks out, they will beprompted to transfer ALL of their tables to another server. If they do not have permission to Transfer With No Swipe, the server receiving the tables needs to swipe their card to accept the tables. Used in conjunction with the 'Tie Pullbacks to Timeclock' option.

24. 'Global Transfer Markup' added to CRE/RPE. When doing an Enterprise transfer between stores, a markup can be applied to automatically adjust the cost and price of items based on a markup you specify. This global markup can be overriden on a per item basis by setting a different 'Transfer Cost Markup' in the Inventory Maintenance screen under ordering info. If the item markup is set to 0, the global transfer markup will be used.

25. 'On-the-Fly Enterprise Transfers' added to CRE/RPE. When transferring an item to a store that does not have the item in their database, the item will automatically be created, along with the automatic creation of the department it belongs to if necessary.

26.'Serial Transfers' added to CRE/RPE. Now when serial number items are transferred, you are prompted for which specific serial numbers should be transferred. Host or Enterprise.

27. 'Transfer Description' added to CRE/RPE. You will now be prompted for a reason a transfer is taking place.

28. Additional payment types have been added to the Vendor Payout section of CRE. You may now mark a payout as either cash, check, credit, or debit.

29. 'Payout Report' Added to the Sales category of the Reporting Screen.

30. 'Overall Top 10 Sellers Report' added to CRE/RPE. Lists the top 10 selling items within a date range.

31. 'Top 10 Sellers by Department Report' added to CRE/RPE. Lists the top 10 selling items within each department within a date range.

32. 'Customer Purchase Request List' added to Customer category of the Reporting Screen. Allows you to print out a list of your inventory (optionally by department) for a customer to request specific quantities of items, then sign and date their request.

33. 'Billing Info' tab added to Customer Maintenance. New fields for a Bill To company, Primary Contact, Secondary Contact, Terms, and Resale Number are now available.

34. 'Vendor E-mail' field added to Vendor Maintenance.

36. The order filling screen is now in 800x600 resolution with a larger and bolder font.

37. Added 'Print on Receipt' option to CRE and RPE, so you can select which items will print on the receipt. This should only be turned off for items that have a zero price, so as not to confuse the customer.

38. 'Stock Levels on Touchscreen' feature added to Restaurant Pro Express. For items that you count, you can now see the total number of portions remaining on the corresponding button on the invoice screen. This only works for items directly, not passalongs.

39. 'Overpayment as Tips' feature added, which allows a server to enter one flat amount and have the extra applied to the credit card tip (credit card invoices only.)

40. 'Pullbacks' for retail and restaurants now remember the credit card numbers that were voided and pulled back, allowing for an easier recovery if the wrong amoungs were charged to the wrong card.

41. The gift registry report now includes the item price.

42. The 'Zero Movement' report now includes the amount in stock, and the value of these in stock items.

43. Option 'Print Bar Code for On Hold Receipt (Epson)' added to the 'Receipt' tab of the 'Setup Screen'. This allows you to turn on and off the bar code for on hold receipts (receipt and short receipt size, Epson receipt printers only.)

44. If a clocked out cashier tries to log in, CRE\RPE will prompt them if they want to clock in now (as opposed to forcing them to touch the clock button on the login screen.) This provides for faster, more streamlined operation. This only applies to stores or restaurants that require their employees clock in before they log in.

45. In 'Inventory Maintenance', you can now add in time-based prices multiple days at a time (so to set up a happy hour, you can add the special price once for five days, as opposed to five different times, one for each day.)

46. Added automatic on-hold ID options. You can now set CRE\RPE so that when you put an invoice on hold, it automatically uses the invoice number as the on-hold ID, so you do not have to make up a number. You can also have it use the last 3 digits of the invoice number, which in effect gives you a quick 'ORDER #" to call out to a person waiting for a meal. The 'Prompt' selection for this option functions as on-hold invoices did before this feature, prompting you for the on-hold ID.

47. Added a new return feature, where returns can be forced to go onto a gift card, or automatically printed out on a bar-coded store credit slip (bar codes only print with an Epson receipt printer.) This new feature is located in the 'Invoice Settings' tab of the 'Setup Screen' and is called 'Return Media'.

48. Added 'Returns by Tender Type' report, which lists each invoice with a return on it, and by which payment method the money was returned to the customer.

49. 'Store Credit Notes' can be set up in the 'Invoice Notes' setup screen, allowing you to print special notes on the bottom of store credit slips.

50. 'Top of Receipt Notes' added to CRE/RPE. You can now insert a message that will print at the top of your receipts. Setup the text in the 'General Invoice Notes' screen.

51. 'Department Receipt Notes' added to CRE/RPE. You can setup specific receipt notes, per department, that will print at the bottom of the receipt. Use the 'Receipt Notes' section in the Department Maintenance screen to setup the notes. Check the box for 'Print Department Notes' in the 'Department Maintenance' screen and also check the 'Print Department Notes' box under the 'Receipt' section of the 'Setup Screen'.

52. 'Force Returns to Media' added to CRE/RPE. You can now force all returns to be issued to either Gift Cards or Store Credit Slips, or allow any other payment method. If using Store Credit, a receipt will print automatically that details the balance. If using an Epson TMT-88 receipt printer, the credit slip will have a printed barcode at the bottom that makes it easy for a cashier to scan to redeem the slip. Credit slips will be redeemed using the Gift Card tender type.

53. 'Issue/Redeem Credit Slips Permissions' added to CRE/RPE. Two new employee permissions have been added that control whether an employee is allowed to issue or redeem a credit slip.

54. 'Recall Invoice' screen in CRE/RPE. A screen is now displayed that shows all invoices completed within the past 24 hours, starting with the most recent. This allows recent invoices to be recalled visually and easily. Optionally, the 'T' button at the bottom of the screen can be used to recall an invoice by number.

55. 'Require Permission for Sale' added to CRE/RPE. You can now enable the 'Special Permission' option for items in an entire department using the 'Department Maintenance' screen.

56. 'Require Serial#/Reference Entry' added to CRE/RPE. You can now enable the 'Use Serial\Batch#' option for items in an entire department using the 'Department Maintenance' screen.

57. 'Returns' report in CRE/RPE. You can now search for return history by customer number.

58. 'Discounts Show on Invoice Grid' added to CRE. Line discounts are shown on the line item on the invoice. This helps cashiers easily identify how much of a discount has been applied to a specific line.

59. 'Voiding Invoices Reverses Credit Card Charges in PC Charge/IC Verify' added to CRE/RPE. Now voiding an invoice will reverse credit card charges just like Invoice Pullbacks.

60. Restaurants can now set up multiple menus, which can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus for an all-day restaurant, late-night menus for restaurants open late, bar menus for bars open late that serve less food, as well as special holiday menus. Menus can have a start and end date, can be set to work for certain times of the day, and holiday menus can be given priority over standard menus.

61. Added option to 'Tax Primary Rate' in the 'Tax Rates' screen (option 4I in the options screen.) This can be selected for the secondary tax rate. When selected, the tax 2 percentage will be applied to whatever is charged for tax rate 1. 

62. For retail stores, the bar code will now print on the bottom of completed invoices (epson printers only.) If you scan the bar code on a new transaction, you will have the option of returning items sold on that transaction.

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