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International Point of Sale
The lowest prices on every POS hardware product. If you're looking for a barcode scanner, receipt printer, pole display, cash drawer, card reader, or anything else, give us a call or order online. Also available for review, touch screen monitors, pos terminals, barcode and label printers, thermal receipt paper and standard receipt paper, and ink cartridges. Call (866) 468-5767 for prices.

Posiflex Jiva
The Jiva is a durable computer system that is designed from the ground up for POS stations and restaurants. It is a Windows computer with a built-in touchscreen that can withstand the rigors of constant use in the work environment...read more

Quickbooks POS Hardware
Hardware for Quickbooks Point of Sale and Cash Register Plus now available. Also, copies of Quickbooks Pro 2009 are being sold at reduced cost when purchased with Cash Register Express...read more

POS Solution
Call us for our POS and inventory solutions for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android Smartphone!

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Convenience Store POS Solution

Do you have a small convenience store or a quick food store at a gas station? This system will help you increase your profits and maintain a tighter control on your inventory and employees. A point of sale system is an easy way to improve your c-store's profits. 

Convenience StoreOne of the most important part of a point of sale system at a convenience store is speed and fast customer throughput. Customer want to come in and go out without waiting on lines. The less time they have to wait the more likely they will make a purchase. 

Inventory Maintenance - One of the most essential parts of any point of sale system for a business owner is knowledge of your inventory. This system will help you make sure you always have items in stock and it will make reordering simple. It lets you add items using a barcode and retain its cost, price, amount in stock, department, and the vendor you purchase it from. Plus much more. 

Shopper at C-StoreReporting - Watching your sales, costs, and inventory will help you fine tune your business model. A business owners knowledge of how items sell during different periods will let owner take advantage of this knowledge and increase profits.

Credit Card Processing - Fast checkout with credit cards is now a reality using an internet connections. No more extra boxes, this system will let you set up everything directly through your point of sale station. Processing a credit card will take a mere 3 to 5 seconds. The IntlPOS Convenience package will also work with a standalone credit card box but for convenience reasons internet credit card processing is recommended. 

Purchase Order - Reordering low inventory is quick and easy to do. Each inventory item can be assigned a vendor, a reorder level, and a reorder quantity. Then generate a purchase order by vendor or just add all the items that have fallen below the reorder level.
[ Cash Register Express Screen Shot ] [ Cash Register Express Screen Shot ] [ Cash Register Express Screen Shot ] [ Cash Register Express Screen Shot ]
Metrologic MS6720 Barcode ScannerA computerized c-store cash register will improve your efficiency and increase your profits. This system is supercharged by Cash Register Express the Point of Sale program trusted by thousands of stores. It is computer based and operates on machines running Windows.

Convenience Store Point of Sale System Now Available!
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What kind of information would a point of sale system provide
ELO touchscreenA computerized point of sale system at your c-store will increase your profits. It will speed customter checkout, reduce theft, reduce employee theft, and improve accuracy. It will help you reduce your inventory where needed, increase inventory where needed, and help you realize which items are providing you with the greatest amount of profit. 

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Bottom Line More Profits

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