Cash Register Express Support

pcAmerica offers 24/7 phone and email-based technical support to users who hold a tech support contract.

When you buy a pcAmerica technical support contract, your business is covered by 24/7 toll-free phone technical support as well as lighting fast email responses. *New* When you buy your CRE tech support contract from International Point of Sale, you'll get the latest PCI-compliant, Quickbooks compatible CRE version 12.1 as well as a whole year of free upgrades!

Support Pricing

CRE Lite or CRE Pro - $250 per license per year - no limit on amount of calls

CRE Enterprise - $300 per license per year - no limit on amount of calls

Add $100 to any support plan for outbound support (leave us a message and tell us when to call you)

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