TSP800 Rx Prescription Printer

The TSP800 from Star Micronics is the only thermal printer with a locking lid to prevent removal of Rx blanks from the paper chamber. With October 1, 2008 rapidly approaching, get your TSP800 and start printing scripts according to Medicaid's new guidelines.

The Secured TSP800Rx printer enables doctors to print thermal prescriptions vs. handwritten prescriptions from a pad avoiding legibility errors. Utilizing specialized and secured thermal prescription paper, the prescriptions are printed using the latest electronic medical record (EMR) software in the industry, resulting in a secured legible script in seconds. To know more about TSP800 Rx Prescription Printer click here.

Rx Printer Features

Silent printing at speeds up to 50 lines per second Save money!No toner or ink to buy ever!
Half the size of laser and inkjet printers.No wasted space! Available in serial, parallel, Ethernet/LAN, USB and WiFi
Comes standard with autocutter Locking paper chamber (optional)
Disabled paper feed Drop-in & print paper loading
Kengsington lock slot 3 year factory warranty comes standard

Compatible with Most EMR Software Providers

The Star TSP800 Prescription Printer is compatible with over 50 EMR Software Providers. The list is growing daily. Here are just some:

Acrendo Software American Medical Software Brickell Research Discharge Automation Software

Doc Comply Dr. Notes eClinical Works EMR Experts

Ethidium Health Systems Exit Care InteGreat Medent

Medinotes Microfour New Wave Software Praxis

Scriptsure      SRS Software     VersaForm  We Care

Part # Guide

Get the TSP800 printer you're looking for with our Part Guide. Just call us about a specific model number for more details about that printer. All TSP800 Prescription Printers have Autocutter. Different varitaions are available with Locking/Non-Locking lids, Color, and Interface. The Locking Lid Models include a Pwer Supply as well.

Part Number Model Number Interface
39443101 TSP847C-24 Parallel, Putty
39443111 TSP847C-24GRY Parallel, Dark Gray
39443011 TSP847D-24 Serial, Dark Gray
37998860 TSP847L-24GRY Ethernet/LAN, Dark Gray
37998660 TSP847L-24GRYRX Ethernet/LAN, Dark Gray with Locking Lid
39443201 TSP847U-24 USB, Putty
39443211 TSP847U-24GRY USB, Dark Gray
37998640 TSP847U-24GRYRX USB, Dark Gray with Locking Lid
37998390 TSP847W-24 Wireless/Wifi, Putty
37998400 TSP847W-24GRY Wireless/Wifi, Dark Gray
37998610 TSP847C-24GRYRX Parallel, Dark Gray with Locking Lid
37998620 TSP847D-24GRYRX Serial, Dark Gray with Locking Lid
37998640 TSP847U-24GRYRX USB, Dark Gray with Locking Lid
37998640 TSP847U-24GRYRX USB, Dark Gray with Locking Lid
37998650 TSP847W-24GRYRX Wireless/Wifi, Dark Gray w/ Locking Lid
37998850 TSP847L-24 Ethernet/LAN, Putty
39443001 TSP847D-24 Serial, Putty

Laser Printer vs. TSP800

Save thousands of dollars using the TSP800 over a full size printer .. See How!

HP Laser 4250N

TSP800 Rx Printer
Old Way:
  • Replace Toner and Ink Every Month
  • Prints an 8.5 x 11 Sheet for just One Script
    • Wastes Paper
  • Print a script in 20 seconds
    • Must Rip off Manually
  • Pull out tray and Fan paper to Load
  • Exposed paper tray lends itself to Theft
New Way:
  • Never replace ribbon or ink
    • Thermal Printers
  • Prints One 4.5" script
    • Never waste an inch
  • Prints script in 2 seconds
    • Cuts Automatically
  • Drop-in paper
    • Loading takes 5 seconds
  • Locking paper chamber
    • Disabled feed button prevents Unauthorized use

Live Chat Support

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Our TSP800 Customers Include:

Via Christi Regional Medical Center, Wichita, KS
EMR System: DocWriter

Hardin Memorial Hospital, Elizabethtown, KY
EMR System: MediTech

Eastern Ohio Pulmonary Consultants, Youngstown, OH
EMR System: MicroMD/Microsys

Firsbie Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NH
EMR System: Centricity

Senatobia Family Practice, Senatobia, MS
EMR System: iMedica

Mount Desert Island Hospital, Bar Harbor, ME
EMR System: Chartware

Westchester Institute for Human Development, Valhalla, NY
EMR System: CureMD

Scots Pine Clinic, Laurinburg, NC
EMR System: Einformatics

Sindecuse Health Center Pharmacy, Kalamazoo, MI
EMR System: Point and Click

Did You Know?

Star was the first printer manufacturer to provide a real world solution to printing automated prescriptions.

The TSP800 allows doctors to print scripts vs. handwritten prescriptions from a pad, thus eliminating costly and dangerous errors due to poor handwriting.

Tips and Info

For Pharmacies, the TSP800 prints electronically received prescriptions at the pharmacy counter. The electronic Rx is printed in the exact format as a written prescription

The configuration we sell most often is the TSP847L-24GRYRX, Ethernet/LAN with locking lid. The most purchased paper is the Rx560 with timing mark.