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Posiflex Jiva 5800 Touch Terminal

The Jiva 5800 line of Touch Terminals by POSIFLEX are all in one computer stations. These high performance workstation run X86 compatible CPU and easily operate numerous applications. This machine has a small footprint so they are great for restaurants and store with small countertops.

Credit Card Reader sold separately.

  • 15.1'' LCD panel
  • Water resistant and spill proof to protect the circuitry and makes cleaning easy.
  • Security locks prevents unauthorized access to input/output data devices.
  • Easily adjust the LCD angel from 17.5 degrees to 87.5 degrees.

Jiva 5815 Touch Terminal by POSIFLEX
The Jiva 5800 is an all in one Windows compatible computer with a 20 GB hardrive, a touch LCD monitor, and an Intel processor. It is small, convient, and reliable.

If your looking for a faster machine, try the Jiva 6000.

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Posiflex Jiva 5800
TP5815R2W98 Posiflex Jiva 5815, 128MB, 20 GB Hard drive, Windows 98, 15" touchscreen, 800 Mhz, dark gray
TP5815R2W2K Posiflex Jiva 5815, 128 MB, Windows 2000, 15" Touch Monitor, 800 Mhz, dark gray
TP5815R2WXP Posiflex, TP5800 15" Touch, DDR 128MB, Windows XP Pro, dark gray
TP5815R4WXP Posiflex, TP5800, 15" Touch, 800 Mhz, DDR 256 MB, Windows XP
TP5815R2WXPE Posiflex TP5800, 15" Touch, 800 Mhz, DDR 128MB, Windows XPE
TP5815R4 Posiflex, TP5800 15" Touch 800 Mhz, DDR 256MB No operating system

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Products Available
Also available from Posiflex:
Jiva 6000
Jiva Add Ons

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