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What is Liquor POS(Heartland Payment System)?

Liquor POS is the point-of-sale and inventory control software designed specifically for your retail liquor store. With LiquorPOS, you can make your time more productive, your paperwork more manageable and your business more successful.

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Why should you switch to Liquor POS?

LiquorPOS is the point-of-sale and inventory control software designed specifically for your retail liquor store. The point-of-sale, reporting and management functions of the software system can all be customized in ways that will make your time more productive, your paperwork more manageable and your business more successful. Automating your business is one of the largest single investments you make as a retail store owner. We’d like to help you understand just how fast you can begin saving money (and time) while increasing your profits.

Point of Sale—Maximize Sales, Maximize Profits.

Liquor stores, like any retailer, need software with an easy-to-use point-of-sale interface that speeds customers through and provides all necessary sales functions. Liquor retailers do, however, have a number of special requirements. LiquorPOS covers those general functions and is packed with extra features just for liquor retailers.

  • Easy access to product information. Never again run to check a price. It’s all there at the register—pricing, quantity and deposit information.
  • Scan or swipe driver’s licenses at the sales screen for instant age verification.
  • Integrated credit card processing.
  • Automated and manual discounts for single and grouped items.
  • Process deposits on sales (including kegs) and deposit returns.
  • Multi-pack items. Other point-of-sale packages have trouble when dealing with wine and beer. With LiquorPOS, however, you’re selling an item (case, six-pack, 30-pack or single) and the software can handle it all, keeping your inventory accurate.
  • Detailed, customizable receipts.

Customer Management—Recognize Special Customers And Keep Them Coming Back for More!

LiquorPOS provides you with the tools you need to enhance your relationship with your customers. Track sales to individual customers or to groups of customers, and even by zip code.

  • Reward your best customers with frequent buyer discount programs.
  • House accounts complete with preferences, and comprehensive monthly billing statements enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Purchase history tracking helps you focus your sales efforts.
  • Personalized bar-coded customer cards enable automatic processing of pre-authorized discounts.

Reporting—Sales Tracking on Demand. With Knowledge Comes Power!

LiquorPOS® is a complete reporting package that provides you with the information you need to get the most out of your business. Beverage retailers have diverse products ranging from beer, wine and liquor to snacks and lottery tickets. Find out what your top sellers are and what isn’t doing so well.

  • Track sales by item, brand, type, department, distributor or date.
  • Access costs and profit margins in seconds.
  • Track bottle, keg and tap deposits.
  • Document employee sales performance.

Inventory Tracking—Fully Automated Inventory Control. Never a Day Late—or a Dollar Short!

Keeping an accurate inventory is always one of the most challenging parts of running a retail business. LiquorPOS makes this process automatic so you always know what you have on hand and what you might need to order.

  • Barcode scanning of manufacturers’ UPC codes ensures accurate processing.
  • Perpetual inventory automatically updated with each sale and delivery.
  • Easily identify discrepancies to reduce shrinkage.
  • Multiple functions for collecting and entering inventory counts.
  • Reorder reports eliminate surprises.

Security—Embedded, Multi-Layered Security. Protecting Your Interests 24 Hours a Day!

Liquor stores require a greater degree of security than your average retailer. With LiquorPOS®, you can be comfortable knowing your sales system is as secure as possible.

  • Customizable security levels; select functions and data restricted to authorized employees.
  • Sales tracked by station or clerk.
  • Voids, edits, deletions and discounts time-stamped and tracked by employee.
  • Product editing tracked by employee, ensuring total accountability.

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Recommended Hardware

Below are some hardware items that work exceptionally well with LiquorPOS.

  1. HP RP2 Terminal
  2. Espon TM-T88V Receipt Printer
  3. Honeywell Xenon 1900 Scanner
  4. MMF Advantage18.8x21D Stainless 3-slot Cash Drawer
  5. Elo 1517L 15" (Touchscreen)

Simple to Use!

LiquorPOS is the POS software package made for store owners NOT a Computer Whiz!

Features & Benefits

International Point of Sale brings you the best in POS hardware and software, all at an affordable price. Any type of retail store can benefit from our wide selection of products designed to make your business more profitable. When you computerize with IntlPOS, you get a cash register plus inventory tracking for complete control over your retail business.


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