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International Point of Sale brings you the best in POS hardware and software, all at an affordable price. Any type of retail store can benefit from our wide selection of products designed to make your business more profitable. We have dedicated service professionals available day and night to take care of your business needs."

Receipt Printers

Epson TM-U230 Printer

TM-U230 Epson Printer Order Online EPSON's TM-U230 single-station impact printer is rugged and provides reliable, high-quality printing in kitchen environments. Built with the same high quality as EPSON's best-selling TM-U200B impact printer, the new TM-U230 offers fast, two-color order printing and a durable case that stands up to harsh kitchen conditions. This is the perfect printer for a kitchen.

  • High-quality printer designed for kitchen environments
  • Very quick printing, easy-to-read one and two-color order printing
  • Flexible and simple installation on countertop or wall using optional wall-hanging bracket
  • Semi-automatic paper loading
  • "Near-end paper" and "paper out" sensors
Order online or call and place your order today:

C31C391A8890 Epson, TMU230-889, No Interface PS-180, Rightsideup Firm, Dark Gray $302
C31C391A8900 Epson, TMU230-890, Serial, PS-180, Right side up, Firmware, Dark Gray $343
C31C391A8910 Epson, TMU230-891, No Interface, PS-180, Noncoated Case, White $299
C31C391A8920 Epson, TMU230-892, Serial, PS-180, Noncoated Case, White $299
C31C391A8930 Epson, TMU230-893, No Interface, PS-180, Right side up, Firmware $299
C31C391A8940 Epson, TMU230-894, Serial, PS-180, Right Side Up, Firmware $342
C31C392A8960 Epson, TMU230-896, Parallel, PS-180, Right side up, Firm, Dark Gray $342
C31C392A8970 Epson, TMU230-897, Parallel, PS-180, Noncoated Case, White $299
C31C392A8980 Epson, TMU230-898, Parallel, PS-180, Right side up, Firmware $342
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