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Features and Benefits

International Point of Sale brings you the best in POS hardware and software, all at an affordable price. Any type of retail store can benefit from our wide selection of products designed to make your business more profitable. We have dedicated service professionals available day and night to take care of your business needs."

Barcode Scanners

PSC QuickScan QS1000

The Performance of a Laser Scanner
The QS1000 scanner offers you all the benefits of laser scanning at CCD prices. The triggerless design, quick scanning, and optional "hands-free" PSC Quickscan QS1000 stand, give you great performance for your business rarely found at such an affordable price.

Features and Benefits
  • Sleek, triggerless design
  • Works well in a stand
  • Bright light scanning you can count on
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio

The QS1000 consistently delivers speed and flexibility. And, it has an incredibly fast "speed-to-read" rate especially when compared to other scanners in its class and price range. When you're weighing price vs. performance, look no further, the QS1000 scanner is the winner. This unique scanners performance to price ratio is unparalleled, and the design is truly unique.

Innovative Design
The QS1000 was built to be handled a lot. Providing user comfort was the number one consideration for the external design. The triggerless function and ergonomic design provide a sleek attractive scanner that is as easy to use as it is comfortable.

Order Online The QS1000 is smart on the inside too. A beryllium copper scan element provides incredibly high durability. And anti-shock mounts that can absorb up to 1,500 Gs protect the reading engine and optics. This scanner works well in even the toughest environments including a repeated 5'0/1.5 m drops to concrete.

The QS1000 Talks Your Language
The QS1000 supports all popular POS interfaces and keyboard wedges. The optional high visibility (650 nm) laser diode gives the QS1000 superior reading capabilities. And advanced signal processing provides exceptional performance even with low contrast bar codes.

0691101-10101-0103 - PSC QS1000 KBW Kit, PS2 Cable #8-0424-03 + Stand $195
0696101-10101-0104 - PSC QS1000, Stand & TEC MA1650 Cable $249
QS1-2000 - PSC QS1000 Laser, RS232/KBWedge, HI VIS, Stand (REQ. cable & manual) $195
QS1-8000 PSC PSC, QS1000 Laser, HMS, Univ USB, Stand, Req. cable and manual $239
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