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International Point of Sale brings you the best in POS hardware and software, all at an affordable price. Any type of retail store can benefit from our wide selection of products designed to make your business more profitable. We have dedicated service professionals available day and night to take care of your business needs."

Barcode Scanners

Symbol LS 4000i Scanner

Symbol scanner logo Performance and Reliability for Retail Stores

For superior bar code scanning performance with maximum user comfort at a very reasonable price, the LS 4000i Scanner establishes a standard of excellence that's comes with a 5 Year Plus warranty.

Symbol Scanner 
	Cobra LS 4000i More Innovation
The LS 4000i Series is the result of Symbol's experience in the design of innovative, high-performance scanning solutions. The LS 4000i scanner has a 650 nm laser that ensures easy aiming even in high ambient light conditions.

This scanner has a range that goes out to more than 16 in. (40 cm) on 100% UPC codes making bar code data capture a snap. Plus built-in Adaptive Logic Signal Processing decodes poorly printed and damaged bar codes.

Symbol's onboard interfaces available: USB, RS-232C, IBM468x/9x, Keyboard Wedge, and the exclusive Synapse "Smart" technology simplify connection to every host. In addition, Flash programming facilitates custom settings on specific applications enabling future upgrades and increasing the value and prolonging the life of the scanner.

Click here to order online Award-Winning Ergonomics
Symbol knows that ergonomics are just as important as scanner performance. The LS 4000i looks and feels different. You'll see at a glance that Symbol designed it to be rugged and is easy to use and operate.

To maximize user comfort, the LS 4000i Series features a lightweight design with the handle optimized to fit comfortably into hands of all sizes. Reduced finger fatigue, even over extended periods of use, is achieved with a patented two-finger trigger. An overmolded rubber top and bottom of the scanners achieves two purposes. It absorbs shock and raises the scanner off the counter for easy pickup.

Designed for Maximum Reliability
With millions of scanners in operation, Symbol stands by its LS 4000i Series with a 5 Year Plus warranty. The Plus includes a limited lifetime warranty on the Mylar scan element, which eliminates engine wear with near frictionless motion.

Symbol Scanner Cobra LS 4000i Scanners in the LS 4000i Series are designed to stand up to everyday abuse such as drops to the floor, impacts against counters, and the extremes of backroom temperatures. Symbol's engineers have pushed this product beyond its design limits to identify and reinforce potential areas of concerns. This ensures a long life om the LS 4000i in a wide variety of applications.

Application Versatility
The Symbol LS 4000i Series are the scanners of choice for retail and commercial applications, from small businesses to major retailers and corporations. Order Online or call (866) 468-5767 to place an order.

LS4000-I000-00 Symbol, LS4000 Scanner, undecoded scanner only $319
LS4000-I100-01 Symbol, LS4000, undecoded, with DB9 cable #25-16457-01 $319
LS4004-I0497-705A Symbol, LS400i HH Barcode scanner (RS232 and Synapse) $404
LS4004II-1000-000Z Symbol, LS4004i, Scanner only, no cables, no power supply $305
LS4004II-1000-500A Symbol, LS4004i Kit, RS232 9F Direct connect cable $339
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