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Payment Solutions

     Mercury Payment Systems' direct interface enables cost-efficient payment processing from the point-of-sale, electronic cash register, or terminal.

Our solutions support all payment types, including credit, debit, PIN debit, gift, check, and EBT. We authorize and process payments for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB card brands.

Integrated POS Payment Processing

We specialize in integrated POS payment processing to streamline business operations. We develop our own technology and assist POS developers with integrating our payment processing solutions to deliver a complete POS solution.

Our direct interface, MercuryPay™, is inside hundreds of restaurant, retail, and specialized POS systems. There is no additional hardware to purchase or extra software to install and support. MercuryPay works with internet and dial-up transactions to process today's high volume of card transactions in less time.

Seamless integration with the POS system enables easy business-management features, such as automated record-keeping and real-time transaction reporting. As the leader in POS payment integrations, we understand POS technology and deliver direct technical support to our payment processing partners.

Solutions For Electronic Cash Registers

We offer integrated payment solutions for every type of cash register. In addition to direct integrations, we offer a specialized technology solution for inexpensive cash registers.

We partnered with Datacap Systems, Inc., to build our technology into a full suite of products that deliver all the benefits of integrated payment solutions—automated transaction reporting, free MercuryGift transactions, stand-in authorization, tip adjustment, and free 24/7 support. These NoLoad™ products are preprogrammed and ready to plug in for fast and easy set up. They include:


We support a variety of payment terminals that send payments directly to us. Our terminal solutions fit many different business needs, including choices for internet or dial-up processing, MercuryGift card processing, credit, debit, EBT and tip adjustment. We also offer terminals that enable online reporting and other features of our integrated POS and ECR solutions. As with all of our payment solutions, merchants enjoy free 24/7 live support.

Check Processing (Credit Verification, Recovery, Guarantee)

We provide a total check payment solution for personal checks. In partnership with Global Payment Systems, we offer the following comprehensive Global @dvantage services:

Check Verification and Recovery

Using multiple national databases of check information, Global verifies the validity of a check in less than three seconds. Global provides check recovery services with no monthly fee. Collection rates are up to 20 percent higher than other services, and Global @dvantage provides 100% merchant reimbursement of the face value of every check collected.

Check Guarantee

Global’s premier check guarantee service, Xpress Check, makes check acceptance at the POS as safe and easy as accepting cash. Merchants receive 100% of the face value of checks returned from authorizing banks. The check reader works with the POS or terminal to speed service and eliminate cashier keyed errors.

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)

Our comprehensive Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) processing makes it easy for retail businesses to accept EBT cards. Our platform accommodates multiple or single locations. Although benefits vary from state to state, our EBT solution enables services in available states on a single system with no software changes.

We can also provide consolidated EBT transaction data for multiple states, streamlining cross-state chain business operations. We make EBT settlement easier by providing funds, reports and billing for debit, credit, and EBT all together.



















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